My product didn’t get delivered. Can you redeliver it?

If you bought our product from Marketplace, you can request to redeliver your purchase from this link (Marketplace > My Account > My Order History).

Regular releases (non-gacha) items can be redelivered to you at anytime. Go to the mainstore and click the redelivery terminal to see all of your purchase records from hive.

If that fails, please contact thehivestore.resident inworld.

Are you accepting bloggers?

–blogger team is currently full–

The hive blogger team is handled through Blogotex. You are welcome to apply at any given time.

Being waitlisted or rejected in the Blogotex process does not mean you aren’t great at what you do. Hive has a wonderful and dedicated team of bloggers, so we rarely have new spots open.

Asking if I’m looking for bloggers/linking me your blog/sending a NC will be ignored.
Thank you for understanding.

What is your gacha policy?

If you failed to receive gacha items, please SCREENSHOT your RECENT OBJECTS tab and I will make sure to resolve your issue. I do not need transaction history.

I am currently -not- exchanging any gacha items for copy/no trans versions. All rares are hard linked so that you won’t lose/mess up pieces.

If you “break” your gacha item, please send me a request for a new one along with sending me your broken item and I will gladly swap it for you.

Please rez all no copy items on a PRIM surface, or on a sim terrain. Some mesh in SL doesn’t like for other mesh to be rezzed on it, and your item may be sent into the SL black hole (aka: you won’t get it back).

I cannot help you nor am I responsible with gacha items that are for sale by third parties.

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